The Peake Crew

Our family began paddling the Boundary Waters Canoe Area in the mid 90’s and fell in love with the thrill of the challenge, the amazing wilderness, and the small town of Ely, nestled at popular entry points to the BWCA.  We purchased a cabin in 2010, (decided that portaging was getting the best of our bodies) and intend to rebuild it some day.  In the meantime, we enjoy the unique architecture of the very traditional A-frame, along with all of the 1970’s decor.

We lead hectic lives in the Twin Cities and look forward to our escape to Ely.  I work at the Ralph Reeder Food Shelf, Ernie is a partner at the law firm of Leonard, O’Brien, Spencer, Gayle, & Sayre, and our two daughters are students.  Maddie attends Princeton University and plays on the Princeton Women’s Hockey Team.  Meghan attends Totino-Grace High School and swims on the swim team.  Bo, well he is our three year old Golden Retriever, and he does just about everything ~and with great enthusiasm!

I hope to share my love of Ely with all of you (The Coolest Small Town in Americe) and hope you do the same with me.  Here’s to a shot of Plank and a warm shower at the end of the paddle!  Enjoy!



2 thoughts on “The Peake Crew”

  1. Audrey and Fred Foxley said:

    Ely sounds like a place to relax and have fun! I will enjoy this blog and look forward to a visit soon!

  2. Hey there, found this by accident when I was looking for the “never on the 4th of July 2015 Boat Parade info on white iron/farm lake chain.

    How wonderful you enjoy ely …I am 3rd generation in an old cottage ( use to be a actual mining office in the late 1800’s, when the mine closed my great uncle moved it to White Iron….anyhooo…

    I too am a Minneapolis current living ( but grew up in SE Iowa and made the trip each summer to ELY ….so it is precious to me…..

    I too have goldens…although down to 1 ..and they LOVE it as much as their humans and just maybe more.

    I see your picture and am guessing you are on the Farm Lake flow north of the bridge? Is that correct.

    I am over by White Iron Beach resort….GREEN CABIN / RED ROOF…..

    My niece is a sophomore / will be Junior at Maple grove High school nextfall and is a SWIMMER too ( as are all the women in our families…yikes).

    Last summer we swam from White Iron Beach Resort to Silver Rapids….

    ANyhoo…if by chance you know the date of the big Parade on White IRon Chain…please share

    I hope to run into you sometime……

    They call me Crazy Auntie Mary ( Garbutt is my last name)

    Always thinks those of us that find Ely…are special…

    Best to you and your gang….


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