The new year is upon us and I find myself looking back at the wonderful year I experienced with new friends, old friends and my wonderful family.

Ely brought me new friends; the Zimmerman’s, Thayer’s and Spry’s…

And old friends….My fabulous childhood girlfriends, Nancy, Jill, Kris, Kathie, Chris, Jean, Sue, Susan, the Diffley’s, Jorissen’s, and McGrath’s.

All a blessing to me and my family!

My Resolution’s in 2015…New-Years-Eve 

1) Tell my family, friends, co-workers, food shelf volunteers, teachers, coaches, and neighbors, how much I appreciate all they do for me and my family and how wonderfully they do it!

2) Post more blogs with fewer words and more pictures to promote this wonderful place!  My hope is for the small business owners of Ely to thrive.  A secret little wish of ours is to own a quaint outdoor store on Sheridan Street, with amazing women’s fashions and top of the line fishing poles.  🙂

Here’s to many more wonderful years ahead in this beautiful corner of the world!

 Great weekend with girlfriends, kicking-off our year oIMG_9422IMG_9398IMG_9403IMG_9428f 50th birthday celebrations!   IMG_1587 IMG_1580 My wonderful fisherwomen & fishermen!IMG_1582 IMG_8603 IMG_8729IMG_8737IMG_8723   IMG_1622IMG_1631IMG_8868IMG_8864IMG_8897IMG_8862 IMG_8866  IMG_8888IMG_8894 IMG_8921 IMG_8922 

A race across White Iron Lake to outrun the storm…thanks to the radar app on Mom’s iPhone…

Calm, sunny days too!



IMG_9175IMG_9233IMG_9239What a fun-filled year it has been….here’s to many more!