Meghan and I visited “Legacy Toys” today and were pleasantly surprised by the wonderful inventory.  The store opened just before the holidays and is located at the corner of Chapman Street & Central Avenue (One block off of Sheridan).  It is owned by a family from Ely (who were all there playing today).  They saw a need for a toy store in town and received great support from the community.  “Legacy” perfectly describes the selection of old favorites (Tiddlywinks, Jacks, Scrabble) and many new creations.  Be sure to visit the next time you need a birthday present for a 3 year old or 70 year old (they have an amazing selection of puzzles), or on a rainy day when you need a craft, a board game, or perhaps a whoopie cushion!

Some of their toys:

  • Thomas the Train
  • Groovy Girls
  • American Girl Doll Books & Crafts
  • Ravensburger Puzzles
  • Craft Kits – 100% Klutz, ALEX brands, and many more…
  • Fossil Digging
  • Stuffed Animals
  • Local BWCA Books, Children’s Books, Activity Books, Mad Libs
  • Cars
  • Animals – stuffed, collectible
  • Knowledge Games
  • Board Games
  • Rock ’em Sock ’em Robots